Unparalleled association member functionality with use on the go or in the office

Imagine the ability to communicate with your HOA Management Company at anytime, anywhere you are. SBBGo provides a demand driven solution for Association members to have visibility, instantly connect with association leaders, work with management teams, review community policies, socialize with fellow members, provide valuable feedback, manage individual account information, along with providing a numerous amount of additional community engagement functionality. SBB realizes everyone is on the go now more than ever. SBBGo provides easy access to your community portal from a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone. Go Online with SBB!


Mobile Portal Options
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What does SBBGo provide to our members?

Our mobile site scales beautifully to different devices.

Calendar of events - Online directory - Customized e-forms - Tracked resident requests - Architectural Application Submittal system - My Account area, including all contacts, guests, tenant and even pet information - Assessment payment - Discussion forum - Custom classified and contact pages (babysitter, plumber, for sale?) - Online office - Gate visitor management - Document access - Specific groups (bingo club, social committee) - E-voting

What does SBBGo do for our board members?

Or should we say, what doesn't it do?

Surveys - E-blasting and texting - Full financial analysis tools and detailed reporting - Calendar of events - Announcements - Group/selective viewing - Documents folders - Online Architectural Review System - Access to SBB database of owners and specific account information - Account status reporting - Full violation detail - Work order management - Tasks management - Custom page integration (like facebook or outside gate system) - Custom branding for HOA design - Mobile accessibility - Complete integration with SBB database

Interactive Financial Analysis Demo

SBB Mobile Management Platform

Continuing with the mobility of our service and engagement

Our professional managers are onsite, connected to our database using the SBB mobile management tablet. All inspections are updated instantly with picture imagery and voice notes if necessary. Members of the Association can be notified in real time when there is necessary communication from the management team in regards to notices of compliance issues or community news.